The Dyr Sister

The Dyr Sister's Fairy-tales for the Modern Gentleman is an ever-growing compendium of anti-ballads. An evolution into a small ensemble after a time as a solo entity was inevitable in order to more effectively transmit the surreal, subversive and sometimes provocative paintings of sound that respond to the vagaries of modern life.

Combining contemporary folk with post-hiphop and electronic music genres the Dyr Sisters songs are delivered with driving percussive beats via a backdrop of strings including Viola (Sally Currie), Harp (Stephanie Halsey) and Bass Guitar (Sarah Shiels) and layered with haunting and ethereal vocal harmonies. This is a devastatingly beautiful expression of what it means to be alive and kicking and still telling tales in these bleak times.

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Fire (The Unstoppable Force)

Born in the deep, dark, depths of Kingston Upon Hull, this six piece outfit play a post apocalyptic brand of dark soul garage that will break your mind and melt your soul.

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Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels

Matt Edible has been a jewel in the crown of Hull’s music scene for many years. From fronting cult avant-pop heroes Edible 5ft Smiths to leading Tom Robinson (6music) favourites The Holy Orders, he has consistently produced memorable and captivating music. Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels feels like where all of this has been leading. The debut album Stairgazing (2018) featured the lush production and multi-instrumentation of Joe Bennett (Goldrush/St. Etienne), the drumming skills of Mike Monaghan (Gaz Coombes/Willie J Healey) and contained a wide variety of material ranging from the sublime, swooping, sweary love song Astronauts to the anthemic indie earworm Nightclubbing. It also showcased a love of a wide range of styles from Post-rock to Americana leading the American alt-legend Josh T. Pearson to proclaim “The best thing out of Hull since the Humber Bridge!” When Covid hit, Matt locked down at home to record the follow-up album - The Optometrist. Alongside new additions John Andrew (Kingmaker) -drums, and Sarah Shiels -bass, Matt has produced a thrilling new collection of material ranging from existential soulful ballad Triage to alt-big band epic The Big Reveal.

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Rivers Johansson & The Deemed Unrighteous

Rivers Johansson is pretty much what would happen if moved to New Orleans in the 1920's after a really bad break up and found Jesus. The singles released so far which will feature on the upcoming 2024 album 'Long Way Down' (One Last Thing) are honest, raw and autobiographical tales of morality. His debut single 'Devils Backbone' was mastered by Howie Weinberg in New York City. Rivers is currently working on two new studio albums 'Only God Forgives' & 'Sermons' with singles from said records to be released throughout late 2024 & early 2025.

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Progressive rock project of musician Tim O'Connor, straight from the mouth of East Yorkshire.

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