Two Years - Sarah Shiels

Two Years

Poetry Book

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When a musician encounters a lengthy creative block, it’s often challenging to channel their ideas into a beneficial format. This is how one musician from Hull decided she would try her luck at being a poet; or at least flirt with the idea.

Sarah, in honesty disenfranchised with so many aspects of modern life, ended up writing a well-received collection of shower-thoughts last year, appropriately named ‘Two Years’. Two years of the same old crap, mixed in with some critical observations on society in a failing system, work, love and frankly not giving a toss about the lot of it.

If you have a vague interest in the ramblings of a bored 23 year-old that once got told she resembled John Cooper Clarke (in looks, unfortunately), it’s probably worth your time getting yourself a copy to see if she’s right about anything.

Please note, these poetry books are limited to 100 copies.