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A 'death-blues' collective from Hull, UK. The Deemed Unrighteous are an evolution of Rivers Johansson's one man band blues roots. Fusing blues with grungy dirty distorted guitar, The Deemed Unrighteous are a breath of fresh air in a scene overflowing with the same old shit.

Rivers Johansson and The Deemed Unrighteous are pretty much what would happen if Nick Cave moved to New Orleans in the 20's after a bad break-up and found Jesus.

"Stomping romping blues, tradition inspired songs of death, misery and the dark of humanity."

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Photography by Neil Holmes and Paul Laybourne


A unique vocalist and guitarist, with Sarah Shiels on bass and Zachary Theodorou on percussion. An outstanding band, brimming with style. In 2017, the debut album 'Face' was released.

"Jackson D separates himself from the pack in much the same way that David Bowie and Tom Waits did. He uses his unique voice, which is a sculpted baritone, to draw listeners in to hear what it is he is singing about. Jackson D is taking the gloss and sheen of so much of the coolness of pop culture. You soon realize you are in the hands of a true talent, a singer and songwriter who is a master of his craft"
- Divide and Conquer

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Photography by Rosie Queen, Mike Hood, Dandrew Photography and Laup Wilson