Joseph Arthur + Sarah Shiels

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JOSEPH ARTHUR is an American singer, also recognized for his qualities as a painter. Spotted by Lou Reed and Peter Gabriel, in 1996, the artist now has around fifteen albums to his credit. He’s also at the origin of several bands: The Lonely Astronauts, Fistful Mercy which he founded with Ben Harper or even RNDM with Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.

Joseph Arthur on stage could be described as a fallen or cursed angel, who with his guitar, pedals and mics, builds live real swirling and captivating melodies which gives stripped-down pieces, without artifice, inhabited solely by the singer’s voice. Joseph Arthur draws his inspiration from Leonard Cohen, Joe Henry and Jeff Buckley. The finesse of the compositions and the richness of the orchestrations make Joseph Arthur one of the best American songwriters of the XXI century.

His song “In the Sun” was covered by singer Michael Stipe of R.E.M and Chris Martin of Coldplay, as well as by Peter Gabriel.

“Joseph Arthur is a complete artist, coupled with a true genius” INSIDE ROCK

“It has the stoicism of Leonard Cohen, the determination of Kurt Cobain with the raw arrangements of Tom Waits”NEW YORK TIMES

“Joseph Arthur paints folk rock wonders with guitar” ROLLING STONE